Insurance for Asset Protection, providing individual health and Medicare supplement insurance plans in Colorado - call 720-298-3516. Joel Rosenblum, owner of Insurance for Asset Protection, providing individual health and Medicare supplement insurance plans in Colorado - call 720-298-3516.

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Born in a small steel town in western Pennsylvania, I moved to Colorado in 1977 to attend Colorado College and then the University of Colorado where I studied history. After more than 15 years in restaurant management, I decided to find a field with more flexible hours so that I could have a more rounded lifestyle, (I wanted to participate in raising my children!)

So, in 1997 I began my second career selling health and life insurance. I cut my teeth working in sales for Sloans Lake Health Plans. Then I spent over 7 years as the sales and product manager of a large wholesale agency in Metro Denver specializing in individual and small group health, life and Medicare Supplement products.

In July, 2006, I opened my own independent agency specializing in the products I spent years helping other brokers understand. I am a member of both the Colorado Association of Health Underwriters and the National Association of Health Underwriters. I am strongly committed to the principles that The Association of Health Underwriters advocates: ethics, integrity and service.

The National Association of Health Underwriters is a professional organization representing health insurance brokers. I was the Legislative Chair for the Colorado Association of Health Underwriters for July 2010 to July 2012. As a result of the work I did in this position, I was awarded with Legislative Excellence awards from both the Colorado and National Associations of Health Underwriters in 2012. I was secretary for the Colorado Association of Health Underwriters from July 2009 to July 2010. I was Legislative chair or the Front Range Association of Health underwriters form July 2008 to July 2009, and again from 2013 to the present day. I was president of the Front Range Association of Health Underwriters for 2007-2008.

I live and work in Boulder and sell insurance in Colorado only. I work as an advocate for my clients. My job and commitment to them does not end with the sale of a policy. I remain my clients' first contact for customer service and claims issues. I represent a number of reputable companies in each of the four market segments I serve, and I believe it is important that my clients understand the policies they buy. I chose Insurance for Asset Protection as the name of my agency because it represents the most important reason we have insurance: to provide financial security for our families and ourselves. This is why I will never recommend a plan that is not comprehensive in nature or send you a "low-ball" quote.

If you found this site on your own, more than likely you have already gone to at least one of the sites where you can get premium quotes from one or more insurance companies. There are probably a thousand different plans you could choose from here in Colorado. Some plans are comprehensive and others are not. Some companies have good reputations while others do not. Likewise, some brokers are committed to providing quality professional service to their clients while others are not. While I would be foolish to boast that I never make a mistake, I take pride in my honesty and integrity. I pledge to you that I will work to understand your needs and help you purchase a plan that best meets those needs as well as your budget. And again, after your policy becomes active, our business relationship will continue.

I am paid a commissions by the insurance company when I place a policy. This commission has no effect on the premium you pay. Insurance rates in Colorado are filed with the Colorado Division of Insurance, this means that you pay the same premium whether you go directly with a company and get no personal attention or through me. Please go to the contact me page of this website and send me an email to begin our correspondence.

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Joel Rosenblum is the owner of Insurance for Asset Protection. IAP provides health insurance plans, including individual insurance and Medicare supplement insurance in Colorado.

Joel Rosenblum, Owner
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